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Header *Words only* (Part 1)

Hello wonderful world~


Well today I'm learning how to make font look more beautiful by adding background inside the font. *refer to the picture above, and yes I made them* So I'm gonna give a try and share some of "successful" work of mine. Sorry if it seems plain and empty. I'm still new with this. Oh and please note that the words is larger than the size you see in this post (copy-paste the link at new tab and see the real size of the words). You can use them as your header word so don't be shy okay?   


Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. Don't you think so?

Thanks For Reading My Post Entry People !

No provoking other commenters, insulting, using offensive words, spamming, copycat my post/tutorial/freebies, lying about something, judging me by the way I talk, slander and be dramatic here.


  1. Awak ambil tak request untuk buat header? Interested to do one with you :)

    And would love to see you do more icon for home, newer and oldest post icon <3

    1. Setakat ni not available, masih belajar huhuhu :D

      Tapi bila la, ehehehe



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