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Background : Cute stripes

Hello wonderful world~ 


Seriously, when you saw cute things (cats, rabbits, and so on) you either..
a. Steal them
b. Scream "kawaii" or "kyaaa" or "aaaaahhhhhhhh"
c. Ignore them but deep inside you find them cute *cries*
d. Kidnap them
e. ... *walk away* (hoping you don't get 'cute' flu)
f. *cursing* <--- who know?
g. Ambush them <--- carnivore only
h. Stare at them
i. All above
j. Other

And once again I found some cute background via tumblr. Enjoy as I go kidnap some cute cats now...
*I didn't make them, I found them via tumblr*
*Sharing is caring*

Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. Don't you think so?

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