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Cute stripes box

Hello everyone~

This is my first attempt to make box for header (or for putting words in it), and here's example of the box, sorry if it seems empty and plain. I'm still learning with imah wonderland. So I try do basic things first.

You can use it for your blog header or other stuff. Here's the other box I make with different color. Anyway, the box size is bigger than the one in post. So you can resize it or even put some decoration on it, but do not claim the box is yours. Please note that the background is not mine but I make the box design. You can also share my box design, but please give credit to me and leave my link on your post.

Box size : 1024 x 684 px / pixels

Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. Don't you think so?

Thanks For Reading My Post Entry People !

No provoking other commenters, insulting, using offensive words, spamming, copycat my post/tutorial/freebies, lying about something, judging me by the way I talk, slander and be dramatic here.


  1. Whoa, lucky you! Imah give you her blog coding X3 anyway, done follow~ if you need help just ask okay? Anyway, nicely done >:D

    1. Ehehehe thanks <3 Well, she say she bored in blogging so she give me her blog coding and even teach me how to use html and stuff <33

      And hai hai bella-san! *salute* o/

    2. You way better than me QAQ I am so proud of you *huggies*

      anyway, aww no need to promote my name *softly poke your cheek*



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