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Blog header (Simple)

Hello Everyone~

Well, I was able to make 5 header today and would like to share with you guys. You can use them or even edit them. But please do not claim it is your work. Give credits to me (if you want) or just use it as long you didn't claim its yours (Again I repeat in case you forgot). Pleas note that the size of header is different from the one in my post.

Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. Don't you think so?

Thanks For Reading My Post Entry People !

No provoking other commenters, insulting, using offensive words, spamming, copycat my post/tutorial/freebies, lying about something, judging me by the way I talk, slander and be dramatic here.


  1. Wah cantik giler! Imma gonna use one of them please~?

    For my secret blog ehehehe, I pm you the link k? ;)

    1. okay and thanks <3 ala yang ni biasa je XD

  2. I suggest you blog-walking to get more follower~ anyway I take one <3



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