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This blog act as a place to share gif and no longer serve as a personal blog.

Hello everyone~! 

I know, its been a long time. Just that I feel like I gonna spend more time in Tumblr than blogger. So I might take time to reply your comment. I also just done make new fb account since my old one email changed, seems like someone change it while I am busy studying in college.

And fyi I do not learn Indonesia language, I'm sorry for those who comment using Indonesia language. But I gonna go through the comment and try my best to explain in simple way.

Now then, take care everyone. So for those who want to contact me :-

Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. Don't you think so?

Thanks For Reading My Post Entry People !

No provoking other commenters, insulting, using offensive words, spamming, copycat my post/tutorial/freebies, lying about something, judging me by the way I talk, slander and be dramatic here.


No harsh words and I always reply your comment !


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